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Aug 29, 2017

Possibly for some people are very happy to have an android phone which has high security features in order to preserve the discretion of individual data, but A lot of them are excessive trouble for customers, as an example when they aim to repair their very own phone or when they will sell their individual mobile phone which is required to reset the information/ cache or install the firmware.

Samsung does not need to know regarding it, if you want to maintain using your phone, you are called for to fill out the correct gmail account, the reason is to verify that this phone is really yours. whereas many reasons why we fail to remember the password, for instance: Due to fail to remember, because you did not develop an account or since we buy a made use of mobile phone use other individuals, undoubtedly this is really detrimental to the proprietor himself.

Based on that at this site, the writer will attempt to offer a couple of clues to solve the instance, may be beneficial.

The first method

Making use of devices Samsung ADB Enable File For FRP, is currently for Samsung galaxy versions: G510G, G570F, G600F, G610F, G903F, G920P, G928F, G928G, G930F, G935F, J105, J105H, J120F, J200H, J210F, J320F, J320P, J320Y, J500F, J510F, J510FN, J510H, J700H, J710F, J710G, N930F, R350, T580, T585, T677D, T813, T819.

  1. Prepare PC/ Lptop.
  2. Download and install ENABLE_ADB_SAM “Your phone model”. rar– > Here.
  3. Install AP file through Odin3 Flashing tools to reset boot.img as well as sboot.bin nandroid– > Read here.

The second method

Making use of the features OTG.

  1. Prepare the needed products:.
    • OTG cable television.
    • Flashdisk.
    • Wi-Fi/ Hotspot.
    • Download the app Bypass Lock.apk Any Samsung Google Account and keep it on your USB stick.
  2. Activate the phone, after that press “Next” till the stage of linking to a WiFi network. Please attach to the wifi network is offered. Due to the fact that without a link to the Internet, the next switch will certainly not be on tap.
  3. As soon as attached, remain to press the “next” up on stage “Verifying your account”. At this stage, please attach the phone to the OTG Cable, which at the end of an existing USB port flash drive including the application Bypass any kind of google samsung account.apk.
    Note: If the phone does not identify the Flashdisk, please replace it with one more since there are several types of Flashdisk or device that does not support in between the two.
  4. When OTG wire is linked, a new window will show up on the phone display. Look up the bypass application in flash.
  5. Install the bypass application. If a dialog box “Install Blocked”, tap on “Settings” (see image below) and afterwards scroll down and also tick or enable the “Unknown sources”. Select “Install”.
  6. After the install procedure is finished, once again by pressing the “Open”. You are automatically rerouted to the “Settings” menu. Well in this section, go to the “Backup and Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Device > Erase Everything”. Immediately, your phone will certainly reboot.
  7. Wait until the process is full reactivate. While waiting, you may withdraw OTG wire from the phone.
  8. As soon as the phone is reactivated, then you will be faced with the phone activation process yet there is no more a Google Account Verification request procedure once again.
  9. After that continue to comply with the triggers up until the surface/ coating.

The third method

Making use of actual sidesync method much like the method OTG cable television, just right now are at the Google account verification, the phone should be connecteded into a PC/ Laptop to be in sync with the application Sidesync.

  1. Download as well as install the app Sidesync to a PC/ Laptop and afterwards run.
  2. Open the phone, then comply with the directions given to the stage of “attach to a Wi-Fi”. Well at this step, my pal had to menyambukan to wifi to be linked to the Internet network. The following command will certainly not be in the tap to go further ketahap because without an Internet link. When connected, once again adhere to the directions given to the account verification stage.
  3. Shortly after connected, there will certainly be a pop-up window that appears on the phone display. At this stage, you could disconnect the cord that links the phone to the computer system.
  4. Download and install the app bypass any type of google samsung account.apk by typing the URL”” in the address bar of chrome and after that click on go/ get in. You will certainly be redirected to the application web page and afterwards click ok to download and install.
  5. Tap the back button/ back on the phone to the Conditions and terms web page. Click OK <> Agree. Click Search (in the leading right corner of the phone display) and then entered and also open up the “ES File Explorer”.
  6. Select “Create Account” to produce a new account samsung or select the “Sign In” if you currently have it. After account production or login procedure is total, after that click “Accept and also Download”. Wait until the installment procedure is total.
  7. Open up ES File Explorer app. Discover the Downloads folder and pick the application bypass any type of google samsung account.apk. Install the application. If there is an error message that obstructs the setup, select “Settings” and also enable “Unknown Sources”. Click OKAY and then Install.
  8. The phone will certainly reactivate. Wait a while till the phone restarts.
  9. As soon as the phone is reactivated, after that remain to comply with the prompts till the surface/ coating. For this stage, you do not need to attach your phone to a Wi-Fi network and your device will not ask once more google account verification.To add your personal Google account, please most likely to Settings/ Settings > Accounts > Add account.

Keep in mind: If you compose can not use two of the above since it is created by the use of Android 6.0.1 Marhsmallow or greater, then I recommend to downgrade to Android 5.0 Lollipop. The objective is to assist in friend do buddy bypass for smart phones. Has been tested for Android Lollipop since 2 of the above.

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